Root Canal Therapy in Grande Prairie

Root Canal Therapy Near You

Inside the core of every tooth is a fleshy mass known as the pulp. The best way to repair a damaged pulp is by getting a root canal. This procedure will eliminate pain and swelling. A root canal procedure is a dental treatment aimed at extracting inflamed or infected pulp from within a tooth. This involves thorough cleaning and disinfection of the affected area, followed by filling and sealing it. The purpose of root canal treatment is to eradicate bacteria from the infected root canal, prevent further infection of the tooth, and preserve the natural tooth structure.

root canal therapy near you

Signs You May Need a Root Canal

If any of the following start to manifest, call your dentist in Grande Prairie to set up an appointment:

  • Prolonged sensitivity
  • Toothache
  • A lingering bad taste in your mouth
  • It hurts to bite and chew
  • Pimples on your gums
  • Darkening of your tooth

The severity of these symptoms can vary from patient to patient. Listen to your body and seek care sooner rather than later.

The Procedure Explained

The various phases of root canal treatment in Grande Prairie are outlined for your convenience below:

1. Your dentist will physically evaluate and take x-rays of your tooth to understand the extent of the problem.
2. Once you’ve been approved for treatment, local anesthesia is provided, which numbs the area and stops you from feeling discomfort while your dentist works.
3. An opening is made in the top of your tooth with a dental drill to access the damaged pulp. It will be extracted, and then the chamber will be disinfected.
4. Gutta-percha seals the chamber shut and prevents reinfection. A temporary prosthetic, usually a dental crown, is placed over the treated tooth.
5. At least 2-3 weeks later, a permanent crown made to fit your dimensions, will replace the temporary one. This piece will protect your tooth and allow you to eat your favourite meals without feeling any pain.
6. Your tooth is polished to a beautiful shine. As a final step, your dentist will discuss aftercare measures before you leave the clinic.

If you have questions about any part of the procedure, please let them know.

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