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So, you’ve been advised by your dentist to acquire dentures. First, please don’t let the movies deter you from learning more about this treatment. Dentures are not an object of comedy; they are a reliable way to restore your smile, whether you’re missing several or all your teeth.

At Bear Creek Dental, our team is here to help you on your oral health journey. Please schedule an appointment with us to learn more.

dentures near you

The Basics

Compared to many other restorative structures, dentures are unique because they can be removable or fixed in your mouth according to your needs. Their main function is to fill in missing teeth, thereby preventing bone deterioration and helping you eat properly.

Acrylic and porcelain are used to fashion the gum base and the artificial teeth on top. Each set of dentures is carefully crafted to fit a patient’s unique oral dimensions and appear as natural as possible. Porcelain is durable and doesn’t stain easily, so you can smile and laugh without worry.

We Offer Partial Dentures in Grande Prairie

At Bear Creek Dental we provide our patients with multiple missing teeth the option of partial dentures to help restore their smile and function of their teeth.

  • Partial — Patients with few healthy teeth are typically given partial dentures. A metal framework is incorporated into the design to help the structure stay in place.

We encourage you to schedule a consultation with our dentist near you to determine if you are an ideal candidate for this restorative dental treatment. Overall, the process takes a few weeks to complete. When your dentures are ready, you’ll return to the dental clinic to acquire them. Your dentist will examine them to ensure no adjustments are needed and that they fit you comfortably.

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Do you have questions or concerns about getting dentures in Grande Prairie? We can help! Our local dental staff is at your service; please call or message us via our website to arrange an appointment. We are here to help you regain your confidence and oral function.