Dental Implants in Grande Prairie

Dental Implants Near You

If you’re missing one or several teeth, don’t fret! At Bear Creek Dental, we provide dental services that can restore your smile to its former glory.

One particular treatment that we encourage you to explore is acquiring dental implants. This service is designed to fill in the space left behind by your missing tooth and prevent further problems like shifting teeth, painful eating, and low self-confidence.

Call one of our dentists near you to learn more about this process. They will be happy to assist you however they can.

dental implants near you

Important Facts to Know

What are dental implants?
A titanium screw, connecting piece, and porcelain prosthetic come together to make up a single dental implant. The first two components are placed via surgical means, while the prosthetic, typically a crown, is added to your tooth after this is done. The crown protects your tooth from additional harm.

Over time, the implant will bond with your jawbone to establish a firm basis for your smile.

  • How long is the process?

You must attend at least three to four appointments to acquire dental implants near you. The first session is a consultation, where your dentist will evaluate your case and let you know if this is the most appropriate solution. The next session is when the implant and abutment are placed into your bone. Once your mouth has had time to heal (which takes around 3-6 months), you’ll come in for a third appointment, where the abutment is placed. During the next visit, the crown is placed.

  • How long do dental implants last?

One of the biggest advantages of receiving implants is that they can practically last a lifetime; all you need to do is prioritize your dental hygiene, which includes cleaning your teeth after mealtime, wearing a mouthguard, and booking routine checkups.

  • Is dental implant surgery painful?

No! The target area of your mouth will be thoroughly numbed with local anesthesia. This medication prevents you from experiencing pain or discomfort while treating your smile. Once the surgery is over, you can take Advil or Tylenol to manage any soreness at home.

  • How successful is this treatment?

Dental implantation boasts a high success rate, sitting at approximately 95%. So, there’s no need to worry. But it is essential to keep in mind that no treatment is perfect.

  • Are implants expensive?

Dental implants can be costly compared to routine services like exams, biannual cleanings, and even fillings. However, the results will last you for many years, making it a wise, long-term investment in oral and general health. Talk to your dentist to learn more about payment plan options.

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